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Synonyms: shop, reseller, emporium, supermarket, hypermarket, superstore, mart, shed, supply, stock,
1. He now owns a chain of food stores
2. On sale at record stores now
3. Some stores inventory their stock twice a month
4. Most of the stores do not open until am
5. Grocery stores sell many foods that have been processed
6. Department stores are often congested before Christmas
7. At Christmas the stores stay open late
8. They have tried to reinvent their retail stores
9. Soldiers went on a rampage pillaging stores and shooting
10. The stores were overrun with rats and mice
11. RAM stores information for immediate access
12. I usually trade at our local stores
13. This model is available at selected stores only
14. Most stores will allow the purchaser to exchange goods
15. stores spend more and more on crime prevention every year
16. It will close more than stores nationwide resulting in the layoffs of an estimated employees
17. Flavored coffee is sold at gourmet food stores and coffee shops
18. stores are getting desperate after two years of poor sales
19. This store can undersell other stores because it sells by cash
20. Hardware stores have sold out of water pumps and tarpaulins
21. Caroline visited all the big stores
22. He dallied in the stores
23. Small local stores are going down the drain
24. The scanners are available from high street stores
25. Many of the smaller stores have closed down
26. We've expanded the business by opening two more stores
27. Mike's found himself a soft job in the stores
28. A wholesale rush from the burning stores
29. The charity approached several stores about giving food aid
30. How to use stores in a sentence. Example sentences with the word stores. stores example sentences.
31. Use 123-stores in a sentence, 123-stores meaning?, 123-stores definition, how to use 123-stores in a sentence, use 123-stores in a sentence with examples
32. These stores are located at outlet malls around the country, you can find one near you by visiting the Outlet Bound store locator. 0 To find the nearest brick and mortar MAC store near you, use the store locator on the company's website.
33. Examples of Consign in a sentence. To make extra money, some women in my neighborhood consign their used baby garments to a clothing store. 🔊 Ginger is going to consign her jewelry to a well-known auction house. 🔊 Since I consign my blankets to stores, I don’t get paid until a sale is made.
34. 1. storesonline ThousandDollar ThousandProfits TriClear UltimateGreenTea. This is the bulk that I’ve found. Obviously if you are decent company or person and believe in the axiom that “a man is judged by the friends he keeps” – I should pull your files out pronto.
35. Examples of Unprecedented in a sentence Before the storm, there was an unprecedented demand for food supplies that left many stores empty. Since Mrs. Johnson did not have high expectations for Hank, she was shocked by his unprecedented interest in his math grade.
36. Other stores selling JNCOs were Gadzooks and Pacific Sunwear. David sees Gadzooks write the name " Lorel ." He as well has a writing dragon named Gadzooks. The book ends with the word Gadzooks was writing, " sometimes ". It's difficult to see gadzooks in a sentence . Gadzooks Inc . led Texas decliners, falling 3 to 30 1 / 2.
37. But Hubbard is a right peart little place, with a bank, two stores, three churches, an' nigh on to two hundred people.' a n v d [Please select] 0 Mavis raised her eyes, but she was so long answering that the old woman broke in: "He's mighty peart fer sech a' old man, but he's a-breakin' fast an' he ain't long fer this wuld."' a n v d [Please
38. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "discount" The sporting goods store gave us a 10% discount for any equipment we bought for the tournamentstores often discount their prices by up to 50% in the days immediately following Christmas. The sporting goods store gave us a 10% discount for any equipment we bought for the tournament.
39. "I'm going to the store." can have a variety of meanings in English because there are a wide variety of different stores. "Store" can be a Supermarket, a Convenience Store, a neighborhood grocery store, a shoe store, a clothing store, a hardware store, a paint store, a book and magazine store, a butcher shop, a candy store, an automotive parts store, a toy store or a pet store.
40. Definition of discount store: A department store which offers its items at a lower price than many other retail stores. Discount stores are often able to drop their prices due to efficient distribution methods. Use 'discount store' in a Sentence. If you want to find good value on cheap products, try shopping at a discount store because they
41. Ing. Everybody stores old baby things. "Store" She took him to the store. 4. More emoji The police have arrested Henry Thompson, a former cop. Examples of Store in a sentence. Astrologers claim to be able to divine what the stars hold,25.
42. Definition of requisition: Written order or a formal demand by the user(s) of a good or service (which is not made available without a specific request) to the organization's purchase (or stores) department.
43. Define Hazardous Materials Tier. means a manufacturing or processing use that utilizes, handles, and/or stores particular types and quantities of hazardous materials as follows:
44. The loop runs till the length of the sentence and character variable 'x' stores the character at each position of the loop.If character is not space then it means loop is running through a word and so the word is extracted and stored in a temporary variable.
45. 'Trolls' doll removed from stores amid complaints. WH on Trump's stimulus action plan: 'Stay tuned' FREE 10 pts* USE 'pathos' in a sentence!? title is self-explanatory. Answer Save. 8 Answers. Relevance. Anonymous. 1 decade ago. Favorite Answer. The story was a real tragedy, full of pathos. 3 0. cleek.
46. Consequently, most stores are closed. (word) Today is a national holiday. As a result, most stores are closed. (phrase) Use a pair of commas in the middle of a sentence to set off transition words and phrases as well as clauses that are not essential to the meaning of the sentence.
47. Costco pulls Palmetto Cheese from 120 stores. Carlson slams Ginsburg's 'pathetic' dying wish. NFL owner rips his own players over boneheaded play 'I'm sure none of it was legal': Zellweger on early film. use irresistible in a sentence? Answer Save. 5 Answers. Relevance. Sicilian Godmother. Lv 7.

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